Appearing January 2017

 Fiction . Poetry . Nonfiction . Visual Art . Swamp

The Swamp Ape is a legend that both reflects Florida—its mythology, its weirdness—as well as the human desire to create a narrative around that which we can’t explain, that which blurs the line between fact and fiction. We encourage pieces that echo the hybrid nature of the Swamp Ape, works that subvert our expectations of both content and form and unsettle our assumptions of what is possible.

The Swamp is our fifth category for works that defy genre. Like the mythological Swamp Ape, enchant us with your weirdest (yet successful), norm-defying work.


Swamp Ape Review is is a national online literary journal founded by the MFA at Florida Atlantic University. *Our submissions period closed September 1, 2016, and will reopen in spring 2017. Entries are currently under review for our inaugural issue.